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Cosmos Retro Decor

A unique sense of style characterizes our popular lounge in the Lakewood area of Dallas. Our vintage decor & our collection of funky items, including groovy lamps, a faux fireplace, & fire-pit outside on the patio really sets the ambiance. Cosmo's specialty Martinis, Gourmet Pizzas & Vietnamese dishes, have won more than a few of our loyal patrons. Enjoy one of our Specialty Cocktails while watching a classic movie at the bar, or cozy up to the fireplace while enjoying our delicious food. Come jam some tunes on our award-winning Jukebox. We would love for yall to join us! Cheers!

The Cosmo's Family



"They had one of my favorite beers that can be really hard to find. I had the Pho and it was amazing! The decor is fun and the patio is a perfect little hideaway. We will definitely return again and again."  - Audra S.

"One cool little dive bar, very friendly staff, cool vibe, and excellent family recipe Vietnamese dishes!" - Billy H.​

"Excellent atmosphere. Much more relaxed than your typical Dallas bar. Great service and an excellent patio. The pizza is incredible, especially after you've had a few." - Tyler S.

"Fun dive bar with home-style delicious Asian food. Great fire pit on the patio; friendly staff and customers! - Julie S.

"Phenomenal food, great service, unique atmosphere with a slightly 70s vibe, old movies with captions showing over the bar, excellent jukebox, holiday decor, great value for the prices."

- Alaina S.

"I always love the ability to stop by Cosmo's any time and get a warm, friendly atmosphere with DELICIOUS food! The pho, the Seoul tacos, the beverages...very happy they are open again!!"

- Kathryn L.

How We Started

Cosmo's was founded in 2000 by brother & sister, Gerald Stogsdill & Debra Peña. They aimed for a retrograde style bar with a weird & different concept. Cosmo's is known for the dirty martini's & tasty pizza but, Jackson Tran has incorporated his family's authentic Vietnamese food to spice up the menu. Cosmo's classic cocktails & kitchen will surprise you! Who would have known, Pizza & Pho make the perfect combo?


Who We Are


Debra Peña & Gerald Stogsdill


"My brother Gerald, and I always wanted to own a retro dive bar! We thought it was an interesting neat idea to keep things old school in the Lakewood area. Most bars were going for a futuristic & modern look, but we wanted something eccentric, classy with a hipster vibe. Our funky vintage 70's furniture & our groovy lights take us back to how we partied in 1969!"

- Debra Peña 

Image by Mendar Bouchali

About Jackson Tran's Family Menu


Jackson Tran

General Manager, Executive Chef, Partner

Tran has managed Cosmo's for almost 20 years. Cosmo's would not be what it is today without his help & hard-work. Jackson added his family's secret Vietnamese recipes to the menu, which is some of the best Pho in the Dallas/Lakewood area. He helped his parents cook & prepare food for their Vietnam Restaurant. Tran has grown with Cosmo's from starting as a bartender making signature cocktails, to now business partner & full-time manager of Cosmo's. Tran continues to share & inspire his family's special menu every week at Cosmo's!


Thua Tran

Jackson Tran's Mother

Jackson Trans's entire family is from around the Mekong Delta. This is where his parents use to serve the whole community & neighbors alley street food. Thua Tran, Jackson's mother, helps influence delicious & creative fresh new Vietnamese dishes to the Tran's Family menu. She taught Jackson everything he knows, from how to make the perfect broth for Pho, to the pork dumplings & the fried seaweed rolls. Anything from the Tran's family menu will not disappoint. These recipes remain a secret for a reason! Read more about behind the scenes with the Tran family:


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